In 1996 Boissevain Manitoba became the first site for MTI, however our calling center is now located in Brandon Manitoba. Although Brandon is a thriving city, there is still a small town feel to it, and this rural setting encourages staff loyalty and retention. Through experience, one-on-one interaction, and a team-centered philosophy, we have built a stable core of experienced agents, some of whom have been with us since the opening of the Brandon location in 2006. The Brandon site has the capacity for up to 70 agents, who are supported by a team of dedicated coaches, supervisors, and upper management.


Our job is to sell complex products and services to your customer base, in order to retain and satisfy existing customers, and sometimes to win back clients who have switched to another company. Our track record is exceptional, achieving or exceeding desired client objectives across a wide variety of products, services, and project types.

Our Commitment

MTI is focused on producing the desired results for your company. Our staff is committed to making sure that all areas have been considered during the development, implementation and summary evaluation process.

With decades of experience, MTI is able to provide outbound and inbound services for our clients quickly.  Program setup can be completed in as few as 10 –15 days.  Setup includes, but is not limited to, product and offer training, customer scripting, data loading and processing, systems setup and formal agent training.  Depending on the complexity of your campaign, initial setup may require more (or less) time. We will work diligently with you, offering our expertise with campaign set up and ensuring all requirements are met.

MTI will also provide expertise in defining your target segments, list generation, campaign set up and reporting. Our goal is to make your marketing as cost efficient as possible.

Benefits of Partnering with MTI

  • Increased sales revenue
  • Ability to upsell additional features and products to existing customers
  • Development of new, effective marketing initiatives
  • Increased customer base
  • Lower personnel costs by outsourcing specific jobs while increasing efficiency and effectiveness of outcomes
  • Efficient programming and focused reporting designed specifically to support telecommunications clients.
  • Compile information for surveys and customer feedback projects

MTI will diligently work with you to…

  • Meet or exceed sales and marketing objectives
  • Significantly shorten sales cycles and increase revenue streams
  • Provide professional customer service to new and existing customers
  • Provide detailed and relevant reporting

MTI has the capability to be your outbound telemarketing department!

Client Testimonials

From BellMTS

“Since we began working with Midwest Teleservices in 2006, they have quickly and routinely proven their value becoming our exclusive telemarketing vendor in 2010.

They are easy to work with and adapt well to the changing needs of our business, delivering consistent sales results on our local winback, broadband acquisition, revenue and wireless campaigns.

I am always pleasantly surprised by their willingness to take on new projects, no matter how simple or how complex the campaign. Their commitment to quality is demonstrated not only in their work for us, but in how they value and reward their employees. Whenever I visit their location, I always see familiar faces in the staff and the environment on the sales floor is fast paced and dynamic. The reps are engaged and driven to do their best work in support of our objectives.

The management team’s commitment to their staff is easy to see, and its value cannot be overstated.”

Shelley Forester

Manager-Telemarketing & Wireless Programs, Residential Solutions, BellMTS


From SaskTel:

“Midwest Teleservices has been a telemarketing supplier for our company since January 2013. They were able to understand our telemarketing requirements within a very short period of time.  They have provided us with a valuable telemarketing program focused on sales and customer relationships.

 They are a team of highly skilled individuals who take pride in what they do and do it well! Using their expertise in all elements of the services they provide, they offer suggestions on campaign planning and make recommendations to further improve the success of programs.  They have a low employee turnover and as such, they have a team of experienced sales agents with a strong sales skill set for the communications industry. In addition, their hands-on quality assurance program, whereby floor coaches monitor and work with agents on an individual basis in real time, has resulted in positive customer experiences and positive sales results.

We value our relationship with Midwest Teleservices.”

Poppy Kotronakis – Marketing Analyst

Marketing Promotions & Communications, SaskTel


From MTS:

“We have conducted business with Midwest Teleservices since 2006 and they have been our exclusive telemarketing vendor for the last 2 years. Our take rates have consistently improved over the last 6 years and we have seen excellent unit results in our local winback, retention, and acquisition broadband services campaigns. When I first started working with Midwest I realized that they were not your typical telemarketing vendor. Telemarketing companies usually have a hard time retaining employees. Midwest has a good management team that treats their employees’ right. This has translated into very low employee turnover, and has allowed them to develop experienced sales agents who have a unique skillset selling broadband services in an extremely competitive Manitoba market.  There have been a number of occasions where the volatility of the market has disrupted our campaigns and marketing strategy. It was because of Midwest’s flexibility that we were able to change our campaigns on the fly to ensure we continued to meet our objectives.”

Tyler Kurz – Telemarketing Channel Manager

Consumer Market Division, MTS


Campaign & Pricing Proposal

MTI offers pricing based primarily on agent log on hours for outbound and inbound services. We are proud of our work, and our solid performance ensures that our campaigns are profitable for our clients.

We often suggest that new clients start with a trial campaign, thus allowing us to demonstrate our abilities. We will work closely with you to ensure that we meet your expectations from initial campaign planning through to reporting.

Next Step

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can help enhance your sales results, and improve your bottom line.